Going Green With Refurbished Copiers

Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersThe best environmental benefit of buying a refurbished copier is that you are eliminating the need to purchase the raw materials needed to produce a new copier, effectively reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Refurbished Copiers

When you decide to purchase a refurbished copier, instead of a new one,  you are helping to reduce the wasteful dumping of perfectly good copier into the landfills!  It will take decades upon decades for the plastics, toner, and ink cartridges to breakdown in then landfills…if ever at all.  Purchasing a refurbished copier ensures that the copier and these materials do not end up there – reducing waste, and helping the environment.

Choosing Energy Star Rated Copiers

When looking for your next copier, you can be green by selecting a copier which features the ENERGY STAR label.  An ENERGY STAR copier, according to the EPA, can reduce annual electricity use by nearly 60 percent.  It’s an easy thing to do, and an easy way to help go green!

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