Finding The Right Copier

Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersChoosing the right copier is equally, if not more important than simply getting a good price.  Most copier manufacturers have similar products, but key features may be different for each brand.

Personal Copiers

Typical monthly volume averages 0-2,000 pages/copies per month.

A personal copier is typically the best value for a small office.  While being the cheapest in price, they do include all the basic features you’ll need like copying, reduce/enlarge, and image quality adjustments.

Business Class Copiers

Typical monthly volume averages 2,000-25,000 pages/copies per month.

The next step up, for heavy users or bigger offices.  In a business class copier you’ll find all the features of a personal copier, plus more robust options like duplexing, collating, faxing, networking, 2-sided copying and automatic document feed (ADF).

Commercial Copiers

Typical monthly volume averages 25,000+ pages/copies per moth.

It’s what the pro’s use.  In addition to the features of the business class copiers, you’ll also find high-end functions like image editing, larger copy sizes, and a wide range of stapling, stitching, hole-punching and other such finishing options.

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