Color or Black and White

Bloomington, MN Canon CopiersThere is a wide variety of copiers in both the color or black and white categories.  Black and white will be cheaper up front, and cost less to operate.  However, you can get full color copies for just a little more.

Similar Up Front Costs

Most copier manufacturers offer a full range of both color or black and white copiers.  Side-by-side, there is not much difference in up-front costs or purchase price.  Color models may run slightly more than a similar model that only features black and white copying, but within reason the prices are fairly close

The Difference Is The Cost-Per-Copy

The big difference between a color copier or a black and white copier is the operational costs.  Simply stated, a color copier has at least 3 more colors than a black and white copier.  This means more ink and toner, drums, and related technologies needed to produce color output.  On a cost-per-page basis, a color copier will average about 5-7 times  more per page than a black and white copier.

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