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Don’t Be Fooled By The Copier Sales Guy!


Don’t let a slick copier sales guy (or gal) get the best of you and your budget!

We’ve been providing business copiers to the local Twin Cities area since 1995.  Over the years, the most common complaint we hear about typical copier sales people is that they are pushy, fast-talking, and might as well sell used cars instead of copiers (no offense, car guys).

When it’s time to buy or upgrade a copier, customers are often presented with complicated agreements, hard deadlines, limited time offers, and extra features they don’t really need!  This can leave you with an over priced and over hyped copier, where you are paying much more than you need to.


Business Copier

Office copiers for the Twin Cities metro since 1995

Let our experienced and knowledgeable copier sales experts help!  We’ll work with you to cut through the typical copier sales lingo, and identify what key features you really need.  You can view business copiers in our showroom, or even take advantage of a free test-drive at your office.

We carry multiple brands and a wide range of new copiers, used copiers, and refurbished copiers to fit every need, in both color or black and white models.  From desktop to copy room, and every size in between, you can be sure we’ll have the right office copier at the right price for you.

Expert copier service technicians, for after you buy!

We’ve also got you covered for copier service, too.  Our trained technicians will provide you with prompt, professional service on your office copiers.  From one copier to an entire fleet, our service programs and maintenance agreements are customizable to fit your exacting needs.

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Copier DealerNo more slick hair, suits, or contracts.

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See what some of our happy customers have to say…

Just wanted to say “thanks” again.  It was refreshing to have such great service from start to finish.  I was left in a bind, but you helped me work it all out!

We knew that it was a good time to look at new vendors and we are very happy we found TEMPLATE IOT 2.  Thank you for helping us so quickly, too!

We’ve finally switched out all of our copiers and wanted to thank you for being so helpful in the process, especially with getting our old copiers out of our our office too!

I don’t usually send these notes, but I wanted you to know I was impressed.  These day’s it’s becoming rare to find a company that really does exactly what they say they will.